EGO nail lacquer is a new nail polish line out and on a mission. Also known as "the polish for a cause." Founder Sherwin Hora created this line with inspiration from an illness that took over her daughter when she was just five weeks old, over coming the illness that could have taken her life, now 2 year old Jaedha is a happy and healthy little girl. The drive to spread awareness about this illness "Group B Strep" helped to launch a polish line that would help give back to multiple foundations that are founded for different illnesses such as, Group B Strep, Cancer, HIV & Alzheimer's. Every time a purchase is made from the "polish for a cause" section, 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the following cause. Before you leave don't forget to browse our other lovely colors in site, every color created with you in mind! because we know that nail polish is "every girls obsession."